Incoming Call Setting

Incoming Call Setting

Google Voice is a single number that can be used across all devices. Your company may assign you a Voice phone number. You can transfer an already existing number to make changes in the location of your calls.

Google Voice.
  • Configure click settings in the upper-right
  • Make Click Calls at the Left
  • Change the place of calls you receive from “Incoming calls”
  • Switch the devices that receive calls. Click on “My device” to turn off any devices that you don’t wish to receive calls.

You can control which linked numbers are forward calls by turning off Call forwarding for any number that you don’t want to forward calls. They are WholesalesVoIP visit the website Ajoxi and Call Nation.

Change notifications
  • Receive a notification via email or Chrome Browser if you have a new message or voicemail.
  • You may also be able to get transcripts of voicemails by email.
  • Email notifications can be turned off or on by going to
  • Log in to with your computer
  • You can click Settings in the top right.
  • Make Click Calls at the Left
  • Click on “” to get email alerts concerning missed calls
  • To get missed call notifications you can set-up email alerts
  • Get notifications through your browser
  • Log in to with your computer
  • Look for a box that says “ would like to: Show notification.” “
  • Click Allow.

More information?

Transfer message transcripts into an email.

Open Voice.
  • Setup Settings in the top-right corner.
  • Under Messages, Voicemail and Emails, you can toggle email forwarding.
  • Allow Voice Display Notification

Notice: The July 20, 2021 deadline has been met for message forwarding to linked numbers. Please refer to Forward text messages, voicemail and voicemail for more information.

 Change audio settings

You are able to choose the microphone or speaker that you want to use from your PC.

Open Voice.
  • Select Audio Settings ” at the top
  • Click on the Down Arrow to choose from Microphone, Ringing, and Speakers.
  • (Optional). Start talking to test your microphone.
  • Click the Test button to check your ring and speaker. The ringing sound should also be heard
  • Adjust the microphone and speaker settings by selecting Audio Settings
Search your past
  • To search for specific items, you can search voicemail, text, or call history.
  • Open Voice or Google Voice “
  • Enter a search keyword in the search field
  • Optional
  • Search Google Voice
Block Unwanted Phone Calls
  • You have the ability to stop others from calling you via Voice.
  • Contact the local emergency services immediately if you feel in immediate danger.
  • To block a number from Voice, press the “Block” button
  • All texts and calls to this number are blocked.
  • The caller will leave a message to let you know that the number is out of service.
  • No text message will be sent to you if the number calls.

Google can block spam calls and automatically block spammers from numbers it considers spam. Spam In Voice automatically sends all messages and calls received from that number.

Block a number
  • Log in to with your computer
  • Open the tabs for Messages messages tabs, Calls Tabs Tabs, Voicemail Voicemail Tabs, Messages messages tabs, Voicemail Voicemail Tabs, Voicemail Voicemail Tabs, or Messages message tabs.
  • Leave a message by calling, texting or voicemail.
  • Click the “More” button, then select Block number.
  • To confirm, click Block
  • (Optional) To unblock a number, click Unblock number.

You can automatically block spam

Google Voice.
  • Scroll to the top right.
  • Security on the left
  • Turn on Filter Spam.
  • Unblock numbers that have been incorrectly identified with spam
Google Voice.
  • Scroll to the top and click the tab Spam.
  • Call or open the number to leave a message.
  • Click the “More Options”, then unmark it as spam.
  • Edit your call settings
  • Change your phone’s call ringtone or vibration settings. Quick replies are also available.

Important: These steps will only work with Android 7.0 or higher. Check out how to verify Android version. The sound and vibration settings can be changed Get the Phone App

  • Please Click More to open the Settings menu.
  • Tap the button to vibrate and make sound
  • Tap Phone ringtones to view a complete list.

You can hear the sounds of the dialpad when you tap on it. Modify the listing and format of callers’ name Note: Caller names are not allowed to be changed in any language.

Get the Phone App
  • Please Click More to open the Settings menu.
  • Display options
  • Tap Type by to check how your phone handles past calls.
  • Tap name format to check how your phone displays your contact names from the past.
Modify text responses
  • Anyone can send an automatic text message to .
  • Get the Phone App
  • Please Click More to open the Settings menu.
  • Quick Responses
  • Select a response from the list.
  • Modify
  • Tap OK.

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